Podcasting solutions for Businesses

Podcasting solutions for Businesses

Podcasting solutions for Businesses

We offer a Podcasting solution for businesses of any size. You can book one of our studios in either Wrexham or Chester to record your Podcast in audio and video based Podcasts. Podcasts have really taken off on platforms such as Youtube, Spotify and Linkedin, were businesses can distribute long form content that offers greater insights into products and solutions. Podcasts can be used for not only educational purposes but also as part of your overall marketing. It’s a chance to feature experts in your business, who give useful insights into your products and solutions in a non-sales approach and in a way that your audience can watch on any internet enable screen or listen back whilst driving or working out.

We can help businesses through various solutions including:

1: Installing a permanent audio recording solution for businesses who want to record regular Podcasts. We can set up audio only and also video based solutions so businesses can film their Podcast and distribute via all of the known platforms. We supply you with the equipment, provide you with the training on how to use the equipment and provide a full day of training on how to record, edit and distribute your content.

2: Or we can do all of the recording and editing for you for shorter campaigns and projects.

3: We also provide a solution for events and expo’s, setting up a Podcast corner at events for the organisers to create long form content featuring exhibitors and visitors.

Our pricing is bespoke, depending on requirements.

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